Alfatron SCK41TS




The Alfatron ALF-SCK41TS is a 4K seamless scaler switcher with 4 video inputs ( 2x HDMI, 1x HDMI/ DP, and 1x HDMI/USB C). The ALF-SCK41TS scales & switches any video signal to an HDMI output and HDBaseT output (Supports PoC and connects to an HDBaseT Receiver, up to a maximum transmission distance of 70m / 230ft for full HD and 40m / 131ft for 4k. In addition, the ALF-SCK41TS can be controlled via front panel buttons, IR remote, RS232 commands, CEC, and web-based GUI.


Product Features

  • HDMI 1.4, HDCP 2.2, 10.2G, up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4
  • HDBaseT Technology, 4K – 40m / 131ft, and 1080p – 70m / 230ft. Multi-View with 16 Presets and 4 User Customization layouts
  • Reposition and resize the windows.
  • Seamless switching between windows
  • One-way POC from the switcher to the receiver
  • Includes Receiver
  • PSU: DC 24V, 2.71A, Locking DC
  • Chassis dimension: 250 (w) x 44 (h) x 200mm (d) Bi-directional IR & RS232 control.


Video Input
Video Input (4) HDMI IN (1~4), (1) DP, (1) USB-C
Video Input Connector (4) Type-A female HDMI, (1) DisplayPort, (1) Type-C USB
Input Resolution HDMI: Up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4
DP: Up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4
USB-C: Up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4
Video Output
Video Output (1) HDMI, (1) HDBaseT
Video Output Connector (1) Type-A female HDMI, (1) RJ45
Output Resolution HDMI: Up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4
HDBaseT: Up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4
HDMI Standard Up to 1.4
HDCP Version Up to 2.2
Audio Input
Audio Input (1) LINE, (1) MIC
Audio Input Connector (2) 3-pin terminal blocks
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz, ±3dB
Max Input Level 2.0Vrms ± 0.1
L-R Level Deviation < 0.3dB, 1kHz sine at 0dBFS level (or max level before clipping)
Input Impedance > 10KΩ
LINE/MIC Audio Format PCM 2.0
HDMI/DP Audio Format PCM 2.0 48K
L+R Audio Output
Audio Output (1) L+R
Audio Output Connector (1) 5-pin terminal block
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz, ±1dB
Max Output Level 2.0 ± 0.1Vrms
THD+N < 0.05%, 20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth, 1kHz sine at 0dBFS level (or max level)
SNR > 80dB, 20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth
Crosstalk Isolation < -70dB, 10kHz sine at 0dBFS level
L-R Level Deviation < 0.3dB, 1kHz sine at 0dBFS level (or max level before clipping)
Output Load Capability 1KΩ and higher (Supports 10x paralleled 10KΩ loads)
Noise Level -80dB
SPDIF Audio Output
Audio Out Connector (1) Toslink
Max Output level ±0.3dBFS
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz, ±1dB
THD+N < 0.05%, 20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth, 1kHz sine at 0dBFS level (or max level)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 90dB, 20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth
Crosstalk isolation < -70dB, 10kHz sine at 0dBFS level (or max level before clipping)
Noise – 90dB
Audio Format PCM 2.0
Control port (1) CONTACT IN, (1) IR IN, (1) IR OUT, (1) IR EYE,

(1) FIRMWARE, (1) RS232, (1) TCP/IP

Control Connector (1) 5-pin terminal block, (3) 3.5mm jack, (1) Type-A USB,

(1) 3-pin terminal block, (1) RJ45

Operation Temperature -5℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90%
External Power Supply Input: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz; Output: 24V DC 5A
Power Consumption 90w (Max)
USB-C Power Charging 60w (Max)
Dimension (W*H*D) 250mm x 44mm x 200mm
Net Weight 1.6KG


 TPBHD70-R Receiver

Input and Output
Input (1) HDBT IN
Input Connector (1) RJ45
Output (1) HDMI OUT
Output Connector (1) Type-A female HDMI
Control (1) IR IN, (1) IR OUT, (1) RS232
Control Connector (2) 3.5mm jack, (1) 3-pin terminal block
Maximum Video Resolution 4K@30Hz 4:4:4, including 1080p@60Hz
Transmission Mode HDBaseT
Transmission Distance 1080p signal to 70m, 4K signal to 40m
Bandwidth 10.2Gbps
Video Standard HDMI 1.4 with HDCP 2.2
Power Consumption 7 watts
Operation Temperature -5℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90%
Power Supply Input Power: 24VDC 1.25A or Power over HDBaseT (PoH);

AC Adaptor Input Power: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

Dimension (W*H*D) 115mmx16.2mm x109mm
Net Weight (g) 196g



Technical Sheet

User Manual

Firmware Download

Download firmware here

Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

1) Prepare the latest upgrade file (.bin) and rename it as “FW_MV.bin” on PC.
2) Power off the switcher and connect the FIRMWARE port of switcher to the PC with a type-A USB cable.
3) Power on the switcher, the PC will automatically detect a U-disk named “BOOTDISK”.
4) Directly copy the latest upgrade file (.bin) to the “BOOTDISK” U-disk.
5) Reopen the U-disk to check whether there is a filename “SUCCESS.TXT”, if yes, the firmware was updated successfully, if not, the firmware updating has failed, the name of upgrade file (.bin) should be confirmed again, and then follow the above steps again to update.
6) Remove the type-A USB cable after firmware upgrade.
7) After firmware upgrade, the switcher should be restored to factory default by sending a command.

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3rd Party Control

ALF-SCK41TS – Crestron Driver


1)   Q – What is the ALF-SC41TS?

       A – It is a 4 input (2 shared inputs), 1 mirrored output seamless scaler switcher

2)  Q – Can the shared inputs be used simultaneously?

      A – No it cannot. Either the DisplayPort / USB-C or HDMI can be used

3)  Q – How is the device controlled?

      A – The device supports RS232, contact in, IR as well as TCP/IP

4)  Q – Does the unit support audio out?

      A – Yes, it has balanced L+R audio and TOSLINK out

5)  Q – How many multi-view presets are there?

      A – There are 16 multi-view modes that can be selected