Alfatron TPUHD-70-T (Tx)



Alfatron TPUHD-70-T (Tx)

The ALF-TPUHD-70-T is a mini-size HDBaseT Extender consisting of a transmitter (TPBHD-70-T) only. HDBaseT technology is used to transmit high-resolution 1080p / 4k signal from transmitter to the receiver via a CAT6a cable at a distance of up to 70m (230 ft) / 40m (131 ft). Required for MMX Modular Matrix and Alfatron SCU91T-N. INPUTS HDMI, RS-232, IR, and RJ45.

Product Features

  • Supports Full HD: Delivers high-resolution image (1080p@60Hz@48 b/pixels / 3D / 4Kx2K)
  • Maximum transmission distance is 70m (230 ft) for 1080p and 40m (131 ft) for 4Kx2K over single CAT6a cable
  • High Bandwidth: 10.2Gps
  • HDTV Compatible; utilises HDMI 1.4 and is HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • Supports CEC / IR / RS232 passthrough
  • Bi-directional RS232 / IR Uses HDBaseT technology
  • LED indicators show work status

NOTE: Use a CAT6a cable with low impedance (Shielded twisted pair will be better and should be well-grounded) for best transmission.



ALF-TPUHD70-T Transmitter 
Input  (1) HDMI; (1) IR; (1) RS232 
Input Connector  (1) Female HDMI; (1) 3.5mm Mini jack; 

(1) 3p Captive screw connector 

Audio  Digital audio, transmit through HDMI audio 
Output  (1) HDBaseT (1) IR; (1) RS232 
Output Connector  (1) RJ-45; (1) 3.5mm mini jack; (1) 3p captive screw connector 
Resolution Range  640×480@60Hz~4K×2K@30Hz 
Transmission Mode  HDBaseT 
Transmission Distance  1080p ≤ 70m (230ft) ; 4Kx2K ≤ 40m (131 ft)
Bandwidth  10.2Gbps 
HDMI Standard  Supports HDMI 1.4 and HDCP 2.2 
Impedance  75Ω 
Temperature  0~ 50℃ 
Humidity  10% ~ 90% 
Power Supply  Input: 100VAC~240VAC, 50/60Hz; 

Output: DC 24V, 1.25A 

Power Consumption  14W 
Dimension (W*H*D)  115mm x 16.2mm x 109mm 
Net Weight  Transmitter: 193g; 

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Technical Sheet

User Manual


1) Q – What is the ALF-TPUHD-70T?

    A – The unit is a HDBaseT Transmitter.

2) Q – What is the maximum distance 1080p and 4K signal?

    A – 70m (230ft) for 1080p and 40m (131 ft)

3) Q – Which CAT cable must be used?

     A – CAT6 and above is recommended.

4) Q – What control options are available?

    A – IR and RS232.

5) Q – What is the maximum resolution that can be output?

    A – Up to 4K x 2K @ 60Hz 4:4:4