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The ALF-IPCONTROLLER is a PTZ camera network joystick controller which can be used to control multiple PTZ cameras.

Cameras can be controlled in four dimensions: Up, Down, Left and Right as well as Tele and Wide zoom.

Product Features

  • Two IP control modes (IP VISCA & ONVIF)
  •  Adopt RS422, RS232 multiple interface control signals, max up to 255 cameras
  • Supports PELCO-D, PELCO-P, and VISCA Control protocol
  •  Metal housing and computer keyboard button design
  • Adopts a 3D joystick to control the camera speed
  • Control camera rotation, zoom, aperture, focus and other camera parameter settings
  • LCD display which displays the real-time working status of the decoder and matrix
  • Button sound prompt function
*For best performance use with CAT6 SFTP cable or higher


Ethernet One Ethernet port
Joystick Four-dimensional (up, down, left, right) joystick control and clock, Zoom Tele/Wide
Connection Lead
Display LCD
Prompt Tone Button Sound Prompts Open/Off
Power supply DC 12V1A±10%
Power Consumption 0.6 W Max
Operating Temperature 0°C-50°C
Storage Temperature -20-70°C
Dimensions(mm) 320*180*100

Firmware Download

Download firmware here


1.)Q – How many cameras can I control from 1 IP controller?

    A. 254 cameras can be controlled through the IP controller.

2.)Q – Do I need to load software on my PC in order for the IP controller to function correctly?

    A – No, the IP controller can be used by itself.

3.)Q – What is the difference between the IP controller and RS controller.

   A – The RS controller does not have an RJ-45 port and does not control cameras via IP addresses where the IP controller                          does.

4.)Q –  Can I control any brand of camera with this IP controller?

     A – Yes, as long as the camera supports IP control or even RS232 and RS422 control.

5.)Q – Can I plug the IP controller directly into a network switch and control tech cameras via the network?

     A – Yes, just be certain that the IP controller and cameras are within the same range.