Alfatron USB Webcameras

Alfatron CAM100

The ALF–CAM100 is an Full HD 1080p USB Camera with 120˚ wide angle lens.

Alfatron CMW101

The ALF-CMW101 is a Full HD 1080P USB  camera with wireless Speaker microphone and a 120° wide angle lens

Alfatron CMW102

The ALF-CMW102 is a Full HD 1080P USB Camera with two wireless speaker microphones and a 120° wide angle lens

Alfatron COMBO

The ALF-COMBO has a Full HD Webcam, and a Bluetooth speaker microphone. The Cameras field of view is 96°.

Alfatron CAM200

The ALF-CAM200 is a Full HD 1080P@30fps Webcamera with a 96° field of view. The camera has a USB connection port and a built-in microphone with 180° horizontal voice pickup.

Alfatron CMB201

The ALF-CMB201 is a USB, Bluetooth speaker with 360 ° omnidirectional microphone array with a 8m far-field voice pickup. The built-in speaker is 3w.

Alfatron SALUT

The ALF-SALUT is an all in one Mini Video Conference System with a Full HD Webcam, built in microphone and 2w loudspeaker. The field of view on the camera is 90°. It has additional USB2.0 ports. The loudspeaker has acoustic echo and noise cancellation built in.

Alfatron SBUSB2C

The ALF-SBUSB2C All in one conference soundbar, multi-array microphone system with 180-degree pickup. Full HD 1080p camera with a 8w loudspeaker. Multi-position option mounting system. Field of view 120° (Wide)

Alfatron HOLA

The ALF-HOLA is a 4K camera with a built in microphone, auto framing capabilities and ePTZ. The field of view on the camera is 120°. USB3.0 Type B connectivity.